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Indirect Lending Seminars :: Apply for Seminar >>

Developed & Implemented Credit Union Member Friendly Indirect Lending-1989. Specializing in all phases of Indirect Lending. Staff has both Credit Union Management and Automotive Dealership Management Experience. You will attend an actual FI School & learn what dealers are doing to convert your members and how to combat it.

Next Seminar Date: TBA

You Will Learn

  • Should your credit union implement an Indirect Lending Program?
  • Factors that will determine your credit unions degree of success in
    Indirect Lending.
  • Working with and obtaining automobile dealer commitment for your Indirect Lending Program.
  • How to set-up and staff your
    Indirect Lending department.
  • How to monitor the participating dealers to ensure compliance to your Indirect Lending Program.
  • Industry Watch-Trends in automobile purchases by your members that directly affect your auto loan portfolio.
  • How to increase your auto loan portfolio.
  • NCUA Guidelines Audit Compliance
  • Lending tips to avoid big losses

You Will Receive

  • Comprehensive Indirect Lending Manual (A workbook not a textbook)
  • Training based on actual experience gained by developing and successfully implementing Indirect Lending Programs
  • F&I dealer training & Learn How F&I Managers Focus on and Convert Your Members Loans to Banks
  • A complete understanding of automotive industry trends and the mechanics of How Dealership's Work
  • Discussions of tactics in working with automobile dealerships that will resolve past and present issues
  • Classroom instruction on auditing Indirect Loans to ensure quality, compliance, and more...
  • How to control you Indirect
    Lending Program.

Seminar Application

Your Credit Union Name:
Date and Location you will be attending:
Is you credit union currently involved in an indirect lending program?
Yes No
Please list what you would hope to obtain from this educational seminar.

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