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About Us

Koger & Williams Companies (KWC) developed the credit union - "member friendly" Indirect Lending concept in 1989. We implemented our first Indirect Lending Program in 1991.

Since our beginning we have held onto firm principles that form the foundation for our success. We have been continually asked to enumerate the principles that are inherent in a successful Indirect Lending Program:

  1. A credit union and the integrity of it's relationship with it's members - must be preserved... the credit union must control the Indirect Lending Program - not the dealer...
  2. A credit union and it's particular market are specific to that credit union - no two credit unions are alike. KWC studies each credit union prior to the implementation of an Indirect Lending Program. (Too many third party vendors (CUDL) - use a "cookie-cutter" approach - hence the reason for minimal results)
  3. A credit union - should control it's own destiny with regard to Indirect Lending - by OWNING their program - NOT RENTING it ad-infinitum from a third party vendor...credit unions are much better off - by establishing their own "brand-name" in their market rather than allowing a third - party vendor to take advantage of this critical opportunity.
  4. Credit union staff must be properly trained. KWC's Indirect Lending Advanced School represents practical lessons since 1989 with regard to developing and implementing Indirect Lending Program(s) in accordance with NCUA guidelines.
  5. Proper auditing standards and monitoring of the Indirect Lending Program is critical - KWC believes that "You can't manage - what you can't measure"... Hence a comprehensive web-based Indirect Lending software and on-line decision matrix is included in the KWC Indirect Lending Program.
  6. A credit union Indirect Lending Program is only as good as it's consultant(s) - KWC staff has both credit union management and retail automotive experience. This is critical and separates KWC from every other party that attempts to implement a credit union indirect lending program.

As we move through our 2nd decade, we want to personally thank our many credit union clients (past and present) who have allowed us to serve them with regard to their Indirect Lending services.

For more information regarding the KWC Indirect Lending Program and service or if you have questions regarding your current Indirect Lending Program - contact us at 423-899-7212 or email us at kwc@kogerwilliams.com

Miles E. Koger Riley E. Williams
Partner Partner


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