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NCUA Audit Compliance
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NCUA Audit Compliance*

Koger & Williams Companies - Indirect Lending Program set up is based on NCUA guidelines and compliance enhancements.

We provide the format that will provide the following "Critical" elements for the development of your own "In-house" Indirect Lending Program:

  • Department Set-up / NCUA Audit Compliance
  • Dealer Retail Agreement
  • Indirect Lending - Checks & Balances
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Written Indirect Lending Business Plan
  • Indirect Lending Dealer File - Set-up
  • Critical/Documentation for Signing Dealers
  • Indirect Lender / Processor - Selection
  • Training - Onsite
    • Basic Indirect Lending Training
    • Advanced Indirect Lending Training
  • Report Generation - to better manage your Indirect Lending portfolio.



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