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Credit Union Indirect Lending Credit Union Indirect Lending

Koger & Williams Companies is the credit union industry leader in developing indirect lending; on the spot; dealer direct; automotive; point of sale financing for credit unions! Koger & Williams Companies provide a full range of credit union indirect lending products & services that encompass every aspect of credit union member-friendly indirect lending and dealer direct financing programs!Credit Union Indirect Lending

Increase automobile loans by developing an indirect lending program for your credit union - member then joining or forming an indirect lending CUSO...bypass third party indirect lending vendors - develop your own program.
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Credit Union Indirect Lending
"Responses from our members regarding the program has been overwhelmingly positive. There is no question that we are getting auto loans we would not have gotten without the Indirect Program. We have consistently exceeded our goals. I wholeheartedly endorse the program and recommend it to other credit unions." more >>
"Our credit union began an Indirect Lending Program with the assistance of Koger & Williams in the fall of 2003. The market analysis that was compiled helped greatly in guiding our Credit Union in setting up a program to succeed with the dealerships. I relate KWC as a competitive advantage in our indirect lending market."
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Credit Union Indirect Lending Credit Union Indirect Lending

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